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President, It's Time For Battle! Help us decide which of this season's big premieres to cover every week by voting in our big poll! Fruits Basket back with its huge cast of lovable characters! Jacki makes the tough call and picks our favorite five! If you aren't familiar with the series, you're going to want to fix that immediately but to summarize, the show stars our cheerful heroine Tohru, an orphaned girl just t Zac and Lynzee plow through a whole bunch of the Spring anime season premieres, discuss the latest news, and in a fit of quarantine madness, revisit the classic Space Jam!Metroid: Other M [a] is an action-adventure video game developed by Team Ninja and Nintendo and published by Nintendo for the Wii in It is part of the Metroid series, and takes place between the events of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.

The player controls intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aranwho investigates a derelict space station with a Galactic Federation platoon, including her former commanding officerAdam Malkovich. The development team employed a simple control scheme to make the game appealing to modern players, and gave significant focus on plot and characterization, with extensive cinematics and voice acting. Other M is played from a third-person perspective using only the Wii Remoteand focuses on exploration and combat.

It introduces melee attacks which can only be executed when an enemy's health is reduced. Other M received praise from video game journalists for its gameplay, music, graphics and atmosphere, although criticism was directed at its plot and Samus's characterization. The game also received honors from several publications.

It was the third-best-selling video game in Japan during its week of release, and the ninth best-selling game in North America during September Metroid: Other M is an action-adventure game with three-dimensional graphics.

The game unfolds in a linear mannerand the in-game map highlights the next objective. The regular gameplay features a third-person perspectivewhere players hold the Wii Remote horizontally. Samus can jump, fire the arm cannon, and turn into a morph ball, which can roll into narrow passages and drop energy bombs. Metroid: Other M is the first game in the Metroid series to feature melee attacks. As a special feature, players can unlock "Theater Mode"—a two-hour film presentation—after completion of the game.

Divided into chapters, this film contains every cutscene of the game, along with several clips of gameplay footage recorded by the developers. Soon after landing, Samus encounters the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon; among the Platoon are Anthony Higgs, an old friend from her military career, and her commanding officer Adam Malkovich. Madeline Bergman. After returning to the Pyrosphere to follow the reptilian creature, Samus discovers that it is actually a juvenile stage of the dragon-like Ridley.

Anthony draws Ridley's attention and challenges him, but is seemingly killed. Samus fights Ridley, who subsequently escapes. Adam states his intention to enter Sector Zero and to destroy it; he explains that, by causing enough damage to the sector, it will detach from the Bottle Ship before self-destructing, thus destroying MB and the Metroids. Samus returns to the research center, where she finds the body of the "Deleter", whose real identity is revealed to be James Pierce, [19] and the mummified remains of Ridley.

She also finds a survivor, and defeats a Queen Metroid. Samus pursues the survivor, who reveals herself to be the real Madeline.I got this for myself for Christmas in Ever since I learned about Clyde Mandelin, I've thought he's the coolest guy. When I learned he was publishing a book about Earthbound, I had to get it as soon as possible, and I'm so glad I did! It's an incredible and very fascinating look at what is probably my most favorite game of all time.

You can tell a lot of love and passion went into the creation of this book.

clyde mandelin

It made me realize that I want to localize games as well, which is a career I am now pursuing! I am a big fan of the bizarre RPG that is earthbound but this book made me appreciate it on a new level. I was so glued to this book, that I finished it in a day.

If you want a interesting read, get this book. I got this book for Christmas and it was, by far, my favorite gift. It's beautiful, sturdy, and packed with information. I definitely recommend it for fans of Earthbound or those interested in localization! I then kinda forgot about it, until I played the game once again, this time on my 3DS, and I said "Ok, now I want that book.

And MAN how much I love this thing. The book came way earlier than I expected, and Fangamer threw in a few extras in it! Along with the book I got a little art print, some pins, and a few other little things!

The books itself is amazing. The first thing I thought when I opened the package was how high quality it is! The book is organized very well. I learned a ton about the Japanese language, culture, and the game itself just by reading this book! Clyde Mandelin did a great job making it a very educational book, and it's obvious he spent a long time working on it. My favorite part of the book is the little footnotes next to each picture. A lot of them are really funny, and they kind of give the book more of a personality, and they remove the feeling that it's just a book meant to inform you about EarthBound's localization.

The book also came with some scratch and sniff cards, which is pretty cool too! I requested the book to be signed, and it was, by all three people who worked on the book.

I daresay this is one of the best EarthBound books out there, and it is worth every cent. Thanks so much! Login or Register to create a wish list! Hint: Not sure what size to get? Get whatever size you're wearing right now! Note: most our ladies shirts use District Made garments, however some older shirts use American Apparel and Bella brand garments, which have a much smaller fit!Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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Clyde Mandelin & Poe

Get ready for hundreds of pages filled with surprising revelations, inside information, obscure trivia, and universal cosmic destruction. Foreword by Marcus Lindblom, EarthBound's localization director. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Final Fantasy VI Translation Comparison

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Clyde M. Mandelin

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Naturally, my review focuses on its viability as a textbook. Here's what I had to tell the publishers about the two books: The Zelda book is fantastic for fans but may not be the best for a college course because 1 the language section of the book is small, and 2 the screen shots containing the text are very small and difficult to read, in addition to already being 8-bit katakana-only text as it naturally was.

clyde mandelin

However, the Earthbound book would be perfect. It is incredibly thorough, very focused on the linguistic elements, and the Japanese text screenshots is very easy to read. There are also cultural points scattered throughout the book that students will find fascinating. It's amazing. The "passports" that are sold separately are absolutely adorable but feel they are mis-advertised on your website. Online it says that the passports contain all of the words you will encounter in the games but this is far from true; they contain a handful of common words and then mostly just the unique words in the menus battle items, etc.

Then, to make it a little worse, the words in the general section are not in any sort of alphabetic order either English or Japaneseso it really can't be used as a reference for general vocab questions. I would recommend the passports for collectors and people with little Japanese experience, but I don't think they make sense for or 3rd year or 4th year Japanese language student intending to use it as a reference.

They have some basic Japanese grammar and an intro to the writing systems, etc. Don't get me wrong, they are cute and I think someone with very little Japanese experience would enjoy having one. However, the passport is not a substitute for a dictionary which you would need if you wanted to look everything up as you played through the game. The dictionaries are laid out in the order you would see the words while playing through the game s.The video game EarthBound is known for its cult following and fan community.

Multiple video game journalists have written about the dedication of the game's fans in producing fan art and lobbying Nintendo for further releases in the series. The company has been largely unresponsive to their efforts.

The former was started in and became the definitive community website. Their members organized petitions and campaigns to bring English-localized games from the Mother series to North America.

One such effort included a full-color, page EarthBound Anthology as a demonstration of consumer demand for further releases. After nearly a decade, EarthBound was rereleased for the Wii U Virtual Console inwhereupon it became a bestseller.

The fandom also spun-out other enterprises. When Nintendo did not release a localized version of Mother 3fans organized their own fan translation.

The video game merchandising business Fangamer grew out of the Starmen. A full-length documentary on Starmen. While series creator, Shigesato Itoi has stated that he is finished with the series, a fan-created spiritual sequel, Odditybegan development in EarthBound is known for having a cult following[2] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] which developed over time well after its release.

Thomas wrote in that EarthBound 's "persistent", "ambitious", and "religiously dedicated collective of hardcore fans" would be among the first groups to influence Nintendo's decision-making through their purchasing power on Virtual Console.

EarthBound was hard to find before the rerelease. Digital Trends 's Anthony John Agnello wrote that "no video game fans have suffered as much as EarthBound fans, and cited Nintendo's reluctance to release Mother series games in North America. Marcus Lindblomwho localized the Japanese Mother 2 into the English EarthBoundfollowed the fan community from afar and, in mid, introduced himself at the Penny Arcade Expo Fangamer booth.

When the game's Wii U re-release was announced, the press became interested in Lindblom's experience. Lindblom had planned a book about the game's development, release, and fandom as a Kickstarter project before a reply from Nintendo discouraged him from pursuing the idea.

He plans to continue to communicate directly with the community about the game's history. The documentary will focus on the road to Mother ' s localization in North America, and will include interviews with key people behind the process. Reid Young started an EarthBound fansite in while in middle school. By and with co-founder Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin, [1] the site grew into Starmen. The EarthBound fan community at Starmen. The final word from Nintendo was that the package was received.

A source internal to Nintendo later told them that the campaign was almost successful, but fell out of consideration as the phone campaign ended after a week. The community resolved to never let up again. Reid Young of Starmen. In time, the fan community's requests shifted from specific demands to no demand at all, wanting only their interest to be recognized by Nintendo. In their "The EB Siege" project to have Mother 3 receive an official North American localization, community members sent letters and made phone calls to Nintendo.

They ultimately created a full-color, page art book, The EarthBound Anthologyto send to Nintendo and press outlets as demonstration of their interest. Shacknews wrote that the "folk history" was more of a proposal than a collection of fan art—"the greatest gaming love letter ever created". They then printed a "professional quality strategy guide" through Fangamer, a site that spun off from Starmen.

Other oblique strategies included an attempt to license Mother 3 for North America from Nintendo through a small video game development studio, but Nintendo replied that the property was theirs and would never be developed externally.

After a decade of development hellthe Japanese video game Mother 3 was released in April When fan interest in an English localization went unanswered by Nintendo, Starmen. The dozen fans who worked on the project had been vetted by Mandelin and had prior localization experience.

Thousands of hours were put into the project between hacking the game data and translating the 1, pages of scripted dialogue.Although this sounds like some heavy-duty serious stuff, I actually just really missed playing Final Fantasy VI and decided to play it again and finally look at the different translations all at the same time.

So this project is mostly about having fun while learning new things at the same time. The simple explanation is that I glued a Super NES emulator to a web browser, so the game can talk to the browser and the browser can talk to the game.

Q: Are you going to release your custom software? Q: Why all the different fonts? This helps keep your brain from zoning out upon seeing walls of text and helps things jump out more easily.

clyde mandelin

Q: Which fan translation are you looking at? This was my first large-scale test of my custom software, so I was worried it might crash or run too slowly while streaming. Luckily everything worked wonderfully, minus a few hiccups. If you like what you see below and crave more, definitely check out the video archive.

The GBA translation does the same thing. Japanese sentences tend to leave out subjects, verbs, etc. So Japanese-to-English translators need to be mind readers, basically.

This idiom is why Google talks about feet for some reason. I remember this feeling and tactic very well from my very earliest amateur days too. This is why he actually wags his finger after the line too. The fan translation makes many other mistakes of its own and gets a lot wrong. Only the GBA translation gets it all right. Basically, the SNES translation says that imperial soldiers are currently pursuing Terra, that Narshe is no match for the empire, and that they need to find and meet up with the Returners if Narshe is to stand a chance.

The name could be written out as Mohgli, Moguri, and a dozen different things. This text is absent in the Japanese text and in every other translation. I wonder who suggested adding this and why specifically it was added…. This guy explains what a bunch of different relics do. The fan translation accidentally leaves out the part about the Dragoon Boots.

The Google translation has been surprisingly understandable so far, but sometimes it suddenly loses its mind. In other words, this high priestess and this matron lady are one and the same. I think most fans figure it out pretty quickly but I still see confusion about this from time to time. This means you can immediately glean extra details about how siblings relate to each other when reading or listening to Japanese.

Even Google drops the extra info.The Mother 3 fan translation is a complete English-language localization of the Japanese video game Mother 3 by members of the EarthBound fan community led by Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin.

The original game was released in Japan after a decade of development hell. When fan interest in an English localization went unanswered, the EarthBound fansite Starmen. The dozen fans who worked on the project had been vetted by Mandelin and had prior localization experience.

Thousands of hours were put into the project between hacking the game data and translating the 1, pages of scripted dialogue. They built their own tools for the work. The completed version was released in October and issued as a patch. The patch was downloaded overtimes in its first week.

clyde mandelin

A fan-made, full-color, page, professional-quality player's guide was released alongside the translation. One such petition used custom petition software and hand-checked name verification, and the pages of 31, signatures were sent to Nintendo's Japanese and American offices with fan art.

Despite receiving the backing of the wider gaming community, Nintendo did not respond. In turn, the new release became a "rallying point" for the community. The fan community did not expect an official English localization when Mother 3 was released in April Four months later, they received news that Nintendo was not interested, and in November, received confirmation in an interview with Nintendo of America's "Treehouse" localization group.

Within days, the fan translation was announced at EarthBound community site Starmen. The Mother 3 fan translation project was announced in November Those who worked on the localization were largely already known for their contributions to other fan translations, and Tomato's own experience in the fan translation community helped the project get the necessary resources.

The team chose to not alter the game aside for adding a new intro screen, which meant not adding their names to the credits. The localization included two elements: hacking the game data ROM and translating the scripted dialogue. The ROM hacking entailed assembly -level changes to the game code. Young equated the process to teaching someone another language by slowly altering their DNA bit by bit, through trial and error.

Some of the technical changes included proportional fontsgraphics hacks, and custom software. Since Japanese characters all occupy the same amount of space monospacedthe team had to custom-code the new English characters to fit properly. Tomato said that "no text display routine wound up untouched", such that the fixes for variable width fonts were useless until the team manually made room for the characters.

For example, an octopus statue pun from Mother 2 was converted to a pencil statue in the EarthBound English localization and was changed accordingly in the Mother 3 localization. The team also built custom software to aid in the translation, such as a cross-assembler and tools for handling the script and patching.

About 1, pages of text were translated. Young described Tomato as a perfectionist, and said that he kept the translation team small so as not to bog down progress, though he did request group input for aspects such as pun translation, where more input was seen to be helpful. The team reported that "the highest levels" of Nintendo of America knew about their project, though they did not intervene. They directed others to import the game from Japan or otherwise purchase official merchandise when the game began to go out-of-printwith the ultimate aim to help the franchise.

Tomato said that he was unable to appreciate his work since it was so familiar to him, with every original and translated line memorized. He expected that would change in five years. The localization patch was finished in October Prima Games and BradyGames ". The patch is undergoing translation into languages including French, Italian, and Spanish, [11] with translation tools released in Frank Caron of Ars Technica wrote that the "massive undertaking From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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